Our Flavors


Sugar Cookie Granola:
Gluten Free, Organic Oats and Vegan

Salty Caramel Chocolate Chip
The only granola with 10 grams of protein per serving!
Gluten Free, Organic Oats and Vegan


Salty Caramel Chocolate Chunk: Premium Gluten Free oats glazed with our own hand crafted caramel play host to rich semi-sweet soy free chocolate chunks. A touch of salt adds delicious contrast. A palate pleasing way to bolster the third eye chakra, deepening intuition.
Be insightful 24/7.


Bananas Foster: A delicious combination of sweet, plump, fresh bananas caramelized in our own vanilla syrup then wrapped in premium gluten free oats drenched in a home made bananas foster glaze. Enhances the throat chakra for expression and truth.
See the light 24/7.


Mocha Chocolate Chip Hemp: American favorites coffee and chocolate mingle with protein rich hemp and cashews for a decadent taste treat low in fat and carbs. Homemade coffee syrup spiked with the finest cinnamon and soy free rich chocolate chips up the ante. Supports the root Chakra.
Feel grounded 24/7.


Lemon Ginger: Heaping with the pleasing taste of premium gluten free oats, tart lemon and tangy ginger. Harmonizes with your solar plexus chakra for confidence, self-esteem and a positive outlook 24/7.


Mexican Hot Chocolate: Features premium gluten free oats double dipped in our hand made fudge then spiked with our special blend of cocoa, cayenne and top of line cinnamon. Highlighted with sweet cashews. Designed to support the sacral Chakra.
Be happy and satisfied 24/7.


Cinnamon Crunch: Hearty gluten free oats beat with the pleasure of chunks of cashews and warmed up with our homemade cinnamon syrup. Finished with a dash of the finest cinnamon and soy free chocolate chips. Supports the heart Chakra.
Love and be loved 24/7.


S’mores: Premium gluten free oats enrobed in our own creamy, rich, chocolate marshmallow syrup and spiked with gluten free graham crackers, semi-sweet chocolate chunks and hand crafted marshmallows. Melt in your mouth goodness. Enhances the crown Chakra.
Feel spiritual 24/7.

Vegan Maple Bacon: Smokey sweet oats made with real maple syrup studded with hickory almonds.  Perfect for the vegan meat lover.